Handling troublesome employees

Handling Employees Can be Problematic

In any group of people, you will find those that will be well-behaved and those that will be ill-mannered. In every organization, there is a need to manage these two groups of people properly so as to maintain industrial harmony within it.

An organization must have policies which are guidelines that govern how activities are carried-out within the organization. Hence, your organization should have a policy that governs human resource. Issues like standards of behaviour by employees, media for making complaints about co-workers and conflict resolution mechanisms should be clearly stated within the organization’s policy framework.

Two natural extensions of an organization’s policy are rules and regulations. These specify how each activity or function within the organization must be carried-out and usually specify sanctions for erring individuals.

Having ensured that these mechanisms are in place, it is the duty of top level managers particularly the human resource manager to ensure that any employee who behaves badly is sanctioned quickly and fairly by following the rules and regulations in accordance with the organization’s policy.

If some employees are allowed to get away with acts of insubordination, bullying or dereliction of duties without being punished; other employees will note this and act in the same manner sooner or later in the future because precedence had been set without any major consequences.

It is therefore imperative that bad behaviour is punished appropriately and that managers are consistent when applying rules and regulations as well as following organizational policy.


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