I expect Chelsea to beat Manchester United on Sunday

Whilst I am not a Chelsea or Manchester United fan, I think Chelsea are well motivated to win at Old Trafford in what looks like the English Premier League (EPL) decider on Sunday and will do so. I think they have learnt from their UEFA Champions League (UCL) quarter final defeat to United and have Didier Drogba as the X-factor to propel them to victory. I say this because looking at the second leg of the fixture played by both teams in the UCL, I noticed that Carlo Ancelotti made a tactical blunder by not starting Drogba. This is a mistake I am sure he his not going to make for a second time.

No doubt the match will be close but the fact that Chelsea will end the season without a major trophy if they loose, will be a key factor in their attitude towards Sunday’s game. Manchester United on the other hand will have Barcelona at the back of their minds even if that game; the final of UCL will come up on May, 28.

I expect a tight and very physical game with very few clear-cut chances and a win with a single margin for Chelsea or at least a draw which does them not very much good.


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