How Your Body Cycle Affects Your Weight

Many people seek to reduce their weight for several reasons; an athlete may want to reduce his weight in order to be more competitive in the sporting arena, an individual may be suffering from diseases or disorders that arise from being overweight, or you may just want to look and feel fitter for social or personal reasons.

Whatever the reasons are for wanting to reduce weight, it is important to have an understanding of how your body deals with the food you eat at different times of the day; this is known as the natural body cycle. Your body is programmed to carry out appropriation of food between noon and 8pm, assimilate food between 8pm and 4am and eliminate body waste from 4am to noon. You might be wondering but I’ve actually had to go to the toilet at other times of the day outside the 4am to noon range. Well the truth is that, your body can carry out these three functions at other times of the day different from those specified above. However, what happens when this becomes habitual is that the likelihood of such an individual becoming overweight is much higher.

Hence, for you to be efficient in your attempt at reducing weight it is better for you to eat the bulk of your food between noon and 8pm. Eating frequently after 8 pm will impede your body’s ability to assimilate such food. It will be stored in the body longer than it should be eventually making you overweight. Eating heavy food in the morning will lead to your body having problems in its attempt at eliminating waste.

Loosing weight can easily be achieved if these simple rules are adhered to. You can still eat most of what you like, but the timing is critical to determining if it will lead to you being overweight or not.


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